“All surfers should travel to a third world country. Once we arrived in Bali, Peter allowed us to surf every kind of wave and travel throughout this island paradise while constantly returning the smiles. With his help we were welcomed with open arms.  This trip was one for the whole crew to enjoy”

            Mr. Alex Marr, Virginia Beach, Virginia


 “ This guy is classic! For what it is worth, I think he is an Australian in a past life. No doubt my mate Peter has my country dialed in more than most locals. Pumping North and South Point in the West, to hiking in to surf the now famous Shipstearn’s Bluff in Tasmania, he has surfed in more countries that most of my mates.  If you really want an adventure, let him take you off the path. Don’t forget to ask about the Tea Tree Lakes”.

            Mr. Pip Port, Byron Bay, Australia


“I have known Peter for over 6 years. I have traveled far and wide for surfing and meeting up with him is always a great experience.  From surfing Rhode Island in hurricane swell to New Zealand’s famous Raglan Point, by far the furthest and most out there was Madagascar!  This island has it all, true African Culture, empty lineups, World Class flora, fauna and animals like the Lemur!  You got to see and surf this place!

            Ms. Vivienne Barz, Los Angeles, California


“ I meet Peter while surfing in Tasmania one cold morning! It was from that day that both found out what it is like to be at the bottom of the earth!  He is the most traveled surfer I know.  Every time we surf a new spot, it is the pure definition of stoke, while making sure he gives back to the local community for the stoke given to him”.  Book this guy if you want to travel and surf the world, he is the essence of a Chaperone.

            Mr. Nicolas Debrebandere, Ivory Coast, West Africa

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