My name is Peter Cummings II and I am the Surfing Chaperone! As the Surfing Chaperone I would like to extend the opportunity to those surfers who would like to surf the worlds best waves! With my passion, knowledge, & experience of traveling over 22 countries, living for extended periods of time in most, I will take you to places you would not find otherwise! Your ability and choice along with my discretion will provide a unique surfing experience.

Starting in the summer of 2007, the Surfing Chaperone will be taking surfing to the regions of Madagascar and Indonesia. Trips to these locations are all inclusive with exception of airfare. Those of age who choose to walk up to the bar will pay so according. The Surfing Chaperone provides a rare opportunity to surf waves around the world and the points in between. The surfing chaperones goal, mission, and purpose is to provide a unique safe and fun surf trip.

The Surfing Chaperone is involved in continuing education for what is relevant and needed for exploring and finding the world’s perfect waves.
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