The Surfing Chaperone explored this region in 2006 and came back with great results. Madagascar, lying in the Mozambique Channel, is in prime swing for the epic seasonal lows coming from the cape of South Africa. As well as new and existing waves to be caught and found, countless opportunities abound for the traveler to experience true African culture. The people, animals, flora, and fauna are like no other.

Regarding the US Embassys current warning on traveling to Indonesia, the Surfing Chaperone has been and will continue to surf this region. More specifically, Bali, a jewel amongst the 1000’s of islands in this region. Trips include the famous spots along with the opportunities of new exploration and island hopping. This region has been well traveled by the Surfing Chaperone and is regarded in the surf community as a peaceful experience.
Other Destinations – other surfing destinations are listed below but are not limited to
● Canada ● Bahamas
● Northern California ● Western Africa
● Southern California ● Southern Africa
● Mexico ● Papa New Guinea
● Eastern Sea Board (Rhode Island, New Hampshire, ● Samoa
  New Jersey New York, Virginia, North Carolina, ● Tonga
  South Carolina, Florida) ● Australia; north, east, south, west
  ● New Zealand
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